DIREKTVERBINDUNG – ongoing project since 2009 MuseRuole – Radio Edition

Concert installation, electroacoustic composition for four loudspeakers and various mobile loudspeakers – an attempt to blur the boundaries between concert and sound installation

„Direktverbindung“ – a composition based on radio sounds, generated by new connections on the circuit board of the radio device, and by broadcasting fragments. The circuit board is played like an instrument. The result is an Ad-hoc-composition derived from processed and live generated radio sounds.

The piece was produced in 2009 for a broadcast on Leipzig’s free radio station „Blau“ on basis of live generated sounds from a circuit-bent radio and has been continuously developed since then. In 2013 it was presented at the Muserol Festival Radio Edition in Bolzano, Italy, where it was expanded with instrumental sounds. In later solo and duo performances she began to install various mobile loudspeakers in order to use the different sound qualities of the speakers, to mix different sound structures and create a new spatiality.

Live performed, the piece „Direktverbindung“ starts as an installation with mobile loudspeakers and turns into a classical stage situation. It is the exploration of an intermediate path, a dissolution of the boundaries between a concert with the clearly distributed positions of stage / audience room and a sound installation, which once set up can be played as often as desired. The sonic basis for this spacial sound experiment are radio sounds and broadcast fragments, which are juxtaposed with instrumental sounds.


songs of different nationalities, 4-channel speaker system

In „Cantata profana“ simple, traditional songs become a new composition. Artists* of different nationalities have sung a special song from their childhood for this piece. (For example songs from Japan, Italy, Brazil, Hong Kong)

„Like Sikora, she uses clearly recognizable delay and sampling techniques, but with a completely unique result. Abstract sounds were used to create a sometimes spherical atmosphere, into which subtly different vocal recordings of „simple songs“ were woven. The spatial design was particularly convincing in this atmospherically dense, organic sound world.“ – Ingo Techmeier in Positionen 112

TUNED (2015/2016)

This piece consists of material from separately recorded tunings of four string instruments: cello, viola, double bass, and electric bass. Through each step of tuning, a development within this multi-channel composition derives; ultimately merging the individually captured moments, as well as the respective players’ individual sense of listening.

Kinder im Stelenfeld (Fieldrecording 2011)

Froschmix (2010)

Datscha Radio 2012


Composition is based on fieldrecordings from the park „Britzer Garten“ in Berlin Neukölln. The recordings were originally collected for an acoustic guide for blinde people as a sound portrait of this park. The composition is also part of the audiovisual installation „Random Walk“, shown in April 2009  at artspace „Art-Uhr“, Berlin.

Komposition auf Basis von Fieldrecordings aus der Parkanlage „Britzer Garten“ in Berlin Neukölln. Die Tonaufnahmen wurde ursprünglich aufgenommen für einen akustischen Stadtplan von Berlin für Blinde als Klangportrait dieser Parkanlage. Die Komposition ist Teil der audio-visuellen Installation „Random Walk“.



Der Titel „Systematische Irrfahrt“ ist der Mathematik entliehen. Sie benennt eine Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnung, die das Vorankommen einer ziellosen Person einschätzt. Walter Benjamins Flaneur kommt dabei in den Sinn. Beides ist die Inspiration für diese Komposition: Flanieren und Rezipieren von kleinsten Beobachtungen und Geräuschen.

Thorsten Soltau: Basismaterial




Live Set at the series „Stark Bewölkt“, Hörbar in June 2010

Aufnahmen von Flöte, Viola, Radio und Schönberg-Samples: Das Ursprungsmaterial wurde live teilweise stark verfremdet und geschichtet zur Klangerforschung des Spektrum eines einzelnen Samples. So variiert das Material zwischen Erkennbarkeit und Entfernung von seinem Originalklang, zwischen kaum hörbaren und wiederum sehr vielschichtigen, dynamischen Tonereignissen.


Sonata Rec released tracks on cd_rom magazine
thisisnotahomepage/ Berlin, on vinyl and cdr
compilations by Hoerbar / Hamburg, and on the
well received untitled 3″cdr on the AIC label. Second
3″cdr for AIC: Composition for 4-channel audio
installation „Und Wir Waren Nicht DIe Ersten Utopisten“

Online release „Sound of Zero“ (2009) for „Sound of Ebb Compilation
curated by Ashley L. Wong (2010) / more: loudspkr.org/soundofebb.html


CDR anläßlich der Installation & Performance „Direktverbindung / Untitled / Formfindung“ für Piezo-Scheiben, Wasserdampf (u.a.) am 26. März 2011 in der Projektwerkstatt in Leipzig.




LP compilation
Hoerbar Publishing 2005

live at Hoerbar
ltd. ed. CDR (2004)


Sonata Rec. – Subaquale Gesaenge

2 x CDR / compilation
Hoerbar Publishing 2004

AICdisc003 (2004)

CDR compilation
Hoerbar Publishing 2002