„Untitled“ (2013 / 2019) [∞]
Sound installation
Piezo elements (as loudspeaker), red loudspeaker cable, approx. 100 CDs (as resonance body / dimenson variable), grey colour, recordings of consonants S,T, Z, stereo in random mode.

Konzertinstallation, Willows Nest, Berlin, 11.05.2019

Gruppenausstellung “Übungen in einer Pfütze”,
Kunstraum Michael Barthel, Leipzig, 16.03. bis 07.04.2013

100 plus 1 (2012) [∞]
Sound installation
100 piezo elements (as loudspeakers), loudspeaker cables, glass cubes, window glass, recordings of slow rotations of water-filled conch horns, 1 Hifi-Speaker, 11 CD-Player in random mode, dimension variable, from 10 qm

15.06. – 11.08.2012
Group exhibition „Imanginary Landscape
for the 100th birthday of John Cage
Kunstverein Gera, curated by Dr. Claudia Tittel